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On August 17, 2018, Zakay Law Group launched a class action against C.C.H.C. Inc. for labor law violations.  Zakay Law Group filed the action on behalf of one of C.C.H.C.’s employees.  The Action is based on C.C.H.C.’s policies for meal breaks.

C.C.H.C. is better known as the Coventry Court Health Center. It is a short-term rehabilitation facility located in Anaheim, California.  The Orange County facility provides patients with various recovery needs.  The Plaintiff in this California class action worked for C.C.H.C. until February 2018.  Plaintiff is a vocational licensed nurse, who helped C.C.H.C.’s patients.

In his Complaint, the Plaintiff alleges that C.C.H.C. classified him and other nurses as non-exempt employees.  Under that classification, Plaintiff had a right to take daily 30-minute meal breaks.  Those meal breaks had to be taken within the first six hours of his workday. Plaintiff also had a right to take daily 10-minute duty-free rest breaks.  C.C.H.C.’s records, however, reflect that C.C.H.C. violated the California labor code.  C.C.H.C.’s policy did not permit Plaintiff to take his meal and rest break in a timely, legal manner.

California employment law allows the employer to pay a penalty instead of giving employees a meal break.  But, C.C.H.C.’s policy and records do not reflect that C.C.H.C. paid any penalties.

Plaintiff filed the Complaint as a class action in the Orange County Superior Court.  The Complaint alleges numerous violations of the California labor code. The violations include the meal and rest breaks discussed above.  The Complaint also alleges related violations for inaccurate wage statements and failure to pay wages on time.  Finally, the Complaint alleges that C.C.H.C.’s conduct also constituted an unfair business practice.

The lawsuit is seeking monetary damages for the Plaintiff and all other employees who worked in similar positions for C.C.H.C.  The Complaint is also seeking an injunction.  The injunction would compel C.C.H.C. to bring its employment policies into compliance with California labor code.

To learn more about the action, you can review a copy of the filed complaint here.

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