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Truck drivers filed a lawsuit against Plastic Express in California.

Last week, Zakay Law Group filed an employment class action against Plastic Express on behalf of truck drivers.  The plaintiff is a driver who drove trucks for Plastic Express in California.  The plaintiffs filed the lawsuit as a class action in the Los Angeles Superior Court.

The complaint alleges that the Plaintiff drove a truck and transported goods for his employer in California.  The complaint also alleges that Plastic Express paid plaintiff on a piece-rate basis based on his deliveries.  A piece-rate pay calls for paying employees per job, without regard to how much time each employee actually worked.  For truck drivers in California, a piece-rate pay is generally illegal.

As a result, the Complaint alleges that Plastic Express violated multiple labor laws.  Plastic Express failed to pay the Plaintiff minimum wages and overtime wages.  Additionally, the Complaint alleges that Plastic Express failed to provide the Plaintiff with meal breaks and rest breaks.  According to the Complaint, Plastic Express’ conduct constitutes a violation of the labor code.  Moreover, the Complaint alleges that Plastic Express’ conduct also constitutes an unfair business practice.

The action, which was filed on August 22, 2018, asks the Court to award monetary damages for the unpaid minimum wages and unpaid overtime wages.  The action also seeks damages for the missed meal breaks and missed rest breaks.  Additionally, the action seeks civil penalties under various labor codes, alleging that the Plaintiff’s wage statements were incomplete, and that he did not receive the wages owed to him when he was terminated by Plastic Express.  Finally, the action is seeking a court order forcing Plastic Express to change their policies in order to comply with the labor code.

For more information on the legal action, you may review the complaint here.

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