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San Diego Employment Attorney, Shani Zakay, joined the Community Law Project last week.  In an effort to help those in need of free employment legal advice, Zakay Law Group’s managing partner joined the San Diego pro bono organization.

The Community Law Project is known as CLP for short.  CLP was created by California Western School of Law to help local residents who cannot afford legal counsel.  CLP has five clinics across San Diego, including locations in Downtown and City Heights.

CLP couples law students from California Western School of Law with practicing attorneys, both willing to volunteer to help the San Diego community.  CLP offers free legal help in different areas in the law to low income communities in San Diego.  CLP covers legal issues involving employment law, criminal law, bankruptcy, immigration, and others.

This unique program provides free legal advice in San Diego to people in need, while also providing a great experience for law students to learn about the law and the benefits of helping others.

San Diego employment attorney Shani Zakay is honored to join CLP’s team of volunteer attorneys.  Shani is going to provide free legal advice on employment issues.

For more information about the Community Law Project, you may visit this website here.

If you or anyone you know needs free legal advice from an experienced San Diego employment attorney, please do not hesitate to contact our office.