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Jack in the Box franchisee in California was recently sued for not paying its employees minimum and overtime wages.  DMSD Restaurants, Inc. owns both Jack in the Box and Denney’s restaurants throughout California.  On May 9, 2019 the employment lawyers of Zakay Law Group, APC and the law offices of Blumenthal Nordrehaug Bhowmik De Blouw, LLP filed a complaint against the Jack in the Box franchisee in California.  The lawsuit was filed as an employment class action with the San Diego Superior Court.

In the employment lawsuit, the Plaintiff claims she worked for DMSD Restaurants, Inc. in California between 2015 and 2018.  During that time, the Plaintiff contends, the California restaurant violated various California labor laws.  Among other claims, the employment class action alleges that the restaurant did not provide its employees with meal breaks and rest breaks, thereby breaking California employment laws.  The complaint further claims that employees sometimes had to work through their meal break without receiving any pay for that time.  This, the Plaintiff claims, resulted in unpaid minimum wages, and sometimes unpaid overtime wages.  The Complaint also claims that the Jack in the Box franchisee failed to provide California compliant rest breaks at time.  Finally, the Complaint claims that DMSD Restaurants, Inc. provided its employees with inaccurate pay statements, and failed to timely pay its terminated employees all wages owed to them.

The lawsuit, which seeks to represent the Plaintiff and all other California employees who worked for the Defendant in the last 4 years, asks the Court to award damages for the unpaid minimum wages and unpaid overtime wages.  It also seeks premiums for the missed meal breaks and missed rest breaks, as well as monetary penalties for other violations pursuant to the California Labor Code.  Finally, the action seeks a court order compelling the Jack in the Box franchisee to comply with California employment laws.

For more information about the action, please feel free to review the Complaint here.

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