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Missed breaks and unpaid wages take center stage in a California class action again.  Last week, Zakay Law Group filed a proposed class action complaint against Interface Rehab, Inc.  Interface owns and operates a chain of short-term rehabilitation facilities in California.  Some of its locations include Orange County, where the employment lawsuit was filed.

Plaintiff and others like him worked for Interface and were paid on an hourly basis.  According to the Complaint, Interface often failed to provide Plaintiff and other California employees with meal breaks and rest breaks in compliance with California labor laws.  Missed breaks were a common practice of the Defendant, the Complaint alleges.  California employees would often take short lunches, late lunches, or no lunches at all.  Even worse, missed breaks would often be clocked out by Interface, resulting in California employees working off-the-clock without receiving compensation.

In addition to claims for missed breaks, the class action complaint alleges multiple other employment law violations, including: failure to pay minimum wages, failure to reimburse employees for required expenses like their cell phones, failure to provide employees with accurate pay-statements, and failure to pay employees in a timely manner.  This conduct, the Plaintiff contends, violates California employment laws.

Finally, the lawsuit claims that these labor code violations constitute an unfair business practice, and also seeks to bring claims on behalf of the State of California under the Private General Attorneys Act (PAGA).

The lawsuit seeks recovery of unpaid wages and compensation for the missed breaks.  It also seeks reimbursement for the expenses incurred by California employees working for Interface.  Additionally, it seeks penalties permitted under California law for the various employment violations.  And, finally, it asks for a court order compelling the Defendant to comply with the California labor code.

For more information about the lawsuit, please feel free to review the filed complaint here.

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