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Unpaid overtime claims are the subject of a California class action filed on July 12, 2019.  The Defendant is Asa Carlton, a commercial construction company that specializes in in retail and office interior construction nationwide.  Some of Asa Carlton’s clients include JCPenny, Nordstrom Rack, PetSmart, and Kohl’s.  The Plaintiff worked for Asa Carlton in California during 2018.  The Plaintiff filed the lawsuit as a class action in the San Diego Superior Court.

The lawsuit alleges various violations of the California Labor Code.  In the Complaint, the Plaintiff claims that Asa Carlton made him work off the clock, resulting in unpaid overtime.  The Complaint also claims that the off-the-clock work resulted in non-compliant meal breaks and rest breaks.  Furthermore, the Complaint also alleges that Asa Carlton’s wage statements violated California labor laws.  With respect to former employees, the lawsuit contends that Asa Carlton failed to pay all wages owed upon termination.  The lawsuit also includes a claim under the Private Attorneys General Act, commonly known as PAGA, seeking monetary penalties for the unpaid overtime violations and other labor law violations.  Finally, the lawsuit alleges that the unpaid overtime violations and other employment law violations constituted an unfair business practice under the California Business and Professions Code.

The lawsuit is seeking damages on behalf of the Plaintiff and on behalf of all past and present employees who worked for Asa Carlton in California in the last four years.  The damages include the unpaid overtime wages, other unpaid wages, meal break and rest break premiums, as well as monetary penalties.  Finally, the lawsuit is seeking a Court order compelling the Defendant to comply with California labor laws.

For more information about the action, please feel free to review the complaint here.

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