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Scripps Health was named as a defendant in yet another employment related class action in California last month.  The health provider giant was sued on July 15, 2019 in an action filed with the San Diego Superior Court.

The plaintiffs are five licensed nurses, four of which are still employed by Scripps.  The five plaintiffs are suing the health giant on behalf of themselves and all other non-exempt employees employed by Scripps and assigned to the SSRS-System Wide Float Pool in California during the last four years.  Zakay Law Group, APC, together with The JCL Law Firm, APC, are representing the nurses.  More information about The JCL Law Firm, APC is available at www.jcl-lawfirm.com

The nurses’ action includes claims for failure to pay overtime, failure to reimburse the nurses for work-related expenses, failure to provide meal and rest breaks, and related violations of the labor code.  The action also accuses the Defendant of failing to provide accurate wage statements, and failure to provide timely wages to terminated employees.  Finally, the lawsuit alleges that Scripps’ conduct also constitutes an unfair business practice under the California Business and Professions Code.  Claims under the Private Attorneys General Act (PAGA) are also pending.

While multiple lawsuits are currently pending against Scripps, this latest action is unique in that is alleges claims related to the nurses’ flexible schedule.  According to the Complaint, as amended, Scripps asked the plaintiffs to work a flexible schedule, sometimes working 10-12 hours in one day, without paying them the legal overtime rate.

The lawsuit is seeking monetary damages for the unpaid overtime and missed meal break and rest break premiums, as well as compensation for the unreimbursed expenses.  Moreover, the complaint asks the Court to aware penalties pursuant to the California Labor Code for the inaccurate paystubs Scripps issued to its employees, as well as for its failure to pay terminated employees all of their wages in a timely manner.  Finally, the complaint seeks an order from the Court compelling Scripps Health to comply with the law.

For more information about the Complaint, please fee free to review the complaint here.

If you work for Scripps as a nurse and feel like you may not be getting paid all the wages you are owed, please contact one of our California employment attorneys today.