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Marriott hotels in California, as well as other brands like the Westin, often use the services of staffing companies to help with their employment needs. One such staffing company is a Defendant in a recent employment class action filed in California.

The staffing company is The Resolve Group, LLC, a limited liability company based in Indiana that conducts business in California. The Resolve Group staffs various hotels in California, providing hotels with banquet serves and housemaids, among other things. For example, when Marriott employees went on strike in San Francisco, The Resolve Group provided temporary employees to the California hotel.

The Plaintiff worked for the Defendant at the Marriott hotel between October 2018 and December 2018. The Plaintiff is now seeking to represent himself and a group of all other non-exempt hourly employees who worked for the Defendant in California during the last four years, including those who worked at the Marriott hotel. The Plaintiff is represented by the law offices of Zakay Law Group, APC and Blumenthal Nordrehaug Bhowmik De Blouw, LLP.

The two employment law firms filed the complaint in September 2019 in the California Superior Court for the County of San Francisco. The complaint was filed as a class action, whereby the employment lawsuit is seeking damages on behalf of all of the employees who worked for the Resolve Group.

The employment action includes nine claims for various violations of California labor laws. Among other things, the complaint includes claims for unpaid minimum wages, unpaid overtime wages, missed meal breaks, missed rest breaks, failure to reimburse California employees for personal cell phone use, failure to provide California employees with accurate and complete pay statements, and failure to pay wages in a timely manner to terminated employees. According to the Complaint, these various employment law violations also constitute an unfair business practice in violation of California’s Business and Professions Code.

The employment class action is seeking monetary damages for the unpaid wages and the missed breaks, as well as monetary penalties for the inaccurate pay statements and late payment of wages. The lawsuit also seeks recovery of the unreimbursed expenses for the employees’ personal cell phone use while working at the Marriott and other locations. Finally, the action seeks a court order compelling the defendant to comply with California labor laws.

If you were staffed at a hotel in California and believe your employer was not properly paying you or providing you with meal and rest breaks, please do not hesitate to contact our California employment attorney for a free legal consultation.