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Unpaid overtime is at issue again in a November 2018 employment class action lawsuit filed in San Diego.

Last Month, Zakay Law Group, APC, together with Blumenthal, Nordrehaug, Bhowmik, De Blouw, LLP, filed a lawsuit against CareFusion Resources, LLC. The Plaintiff filed her complaint with California Superior Court in San Diego County, where she lives.

CareFusion develops clinical services and manufactures medical devices.  In 2015, CareFusion was acquired by medical giant Becton Dickinson for more than $12 billion dollars.

Plaintiff worked for CareFusion During 2016 and 2017.  Plaintiff worked as an analyst, earning an hourly wage plus commission-based bonuses.   On November 16, 2018, the Plaintiff filed her complaint against CareFusion, alleging various violations of California Labor Laws.

The class action complaint claims that CareFusion failed to pay the correct overtime rate to Plaintiff and other hourly employees.  The complaint also alleges that CareFusion deprived Plaintiff and other similar employees their 30-minute paid meal breaks, and their 10-minute unpaid rest breaks.  Furthermore, the complaint contends that these labor law violations resulted in inaccurate pay statements, as well as failures to pay proper wages to terminated employees.

The Complaint seeks monetary damages to compensate Plaintiff and other hourly employees for the unpaid overtime and missed meal breaks and rest breaks. The Complaint also seeks monetary penalties for CareFusion’s alleged failure to provide its employees with timely payment of wages and accurate pay statements.

Finally, the Complaint claims that CareFusion’s conduct also constituted unfair business practice.  It therefore asks the California court to issue an order compelling CareFusion to comply with the relevant California employment laws.

For more information about this class action lawsuit, please feel free to review the complaint here.

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