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There is nothing better than coming back to your hotel room to find a made bed and some fresh towels.  We sometimes forget the labor that makes that possible.  Hotel housekeepers work behind the scene to make sure your room is always welcoming.  These hardworking housekeepers deserve proper pay.

A group of California employees recently filed a lawsuit in Oakland against Oakland Quality Inn for unpaid Overtime.  The Defendant was a hotel located in Oakland, California.  The California employees contended that they had to work while off the clock before and after their normal shifts.  They also argued that the hotel did not provide them with mandatory meal and rest breaks as required by California labor laws.  The lawsuit noted that the hotel’s employment practices were in place for at least four years.  Apparently, this is common practice in the hotel industry in California.

The plaintiffs hired employment attorneys and filed a complaint.  The lawsuit also alleged that the employer retaliated against the employees on various occasions.  Reports claim that fear, intimidation, and retaliation, are common in the hotel housekeeping industry.  Many housekeepers in California are immigrants who do not have the knowledge or courage to invoke their legal rights in these situations.

When six housekeepers in California finally decided to sue, they claimed that they did not receive overtime pay.  They also claimed that they did not receive sick time and rest or meal breaks.  The lawsuit was filed in Alameda County in the Superior Court in January 2017.  The City of Oakland joined in the lawsuit pursuant to the minimum wage ordinance that passed in 2014.

In California, housekeepers must receive overtime pay. In fact, all domestic workers must receive overtime pay in California.  Domestic workers include house cleaners, home-care providers and childcare providers.  In hotels, these domestic workers often do not receive proper compensation under California labor laws.

The suit against the Oakland Quality Inn is an example of housekeepers finally seeking legal remedy.  If you are a domestic worker or a housekeeper, and you suspect your employer is violating labor laws, please contact an employment law attorney.