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Class Action Complaint Against InMotion Alleges Labor Code Violations

Last week, the San Diego law firm of Zakay Law Group filed an employment class action complaint against airport retailer InMotion Entertainment.  The California employee filed the Complaint in the San Francisco Superior Court.  The Complaint alleges violations of various labor codes.

Among other things, the Complaint alleges that the Defendant failed to pay its California employees proper wages and overtime wages.  The Complaint also alleges that the Defendant failed to provide its California employees with required meal breaks and rest breaks.  Additionally, the Complaint also alleges that these labor law violations constitute unfair business practices.

Demanding compensation, the Complaint seeks damages for California employees that worked and still work for the Defendant, alleging that the Defendant engaged in illegal employment practices.

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For more information about this legal action, please contact the law firm of Zakay Law Group.  You may also review a copy of the Complaint by clicking here.