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Early last week, Zakay Law Group alleged unpaid overtime in an employment class action it filed against Rockler Retail Group.

Rockler Retail Group, Inc. is a national hardware store with approximately seven locations in California.  Rockler prides itself as a “an industry-leading woodworking and hardware source” (according to their website).  But, in his September 2018 class action complaint, the Plaintiff contends that Rockler consistently failed to pay the proper overtime rate to him and other California employees.

The Plaintiff, who filed the complaint on September 25, 2018, brought his labor law claims in Northern California with the Sacramento Superior Court.

In addition to unpaid overtime, the class action complaint claims that Rockler also failed to provide its California employees with legally required meal breaks and rest breaks.  And, when Rockler paid its California employees a meal or rest break penalty instead, it paid them the improper amount, the complaint claims.  These failures, the complaint alleges, violate various sections of the California Labor Code.  Finally, the complaint alleges that this conduct also constituted an unfair business practice in violation of the California Business and Professions Code.

The class action complaint seeks monetary relief for all hourly employees in California, including the unpaid overtime and meal and rest break premiums according to California employment law.  Moreover, the complaint asks the court to impose monetary penalties against Rockler for its violations of the Labor Code, including violations for late payments and for inaccurate wage statements.  Finally, the complaint also asks the Court to order Rockler to cease its allegedly unlawful conduct and comply with applicable California labor laws.

To learn more about the lawsuit against Rockler, you can review the complaint here.

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