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Sunrise Senior Living takes prides in its promotion of the quality of life for seniors.  The senior care giant is now the subject of an employment class action lawsuit in California, however.

On December 7, 2018, the California employment attorneys of Zakay Law Group and JCL Law Firm filed a class action against Sunrise Senior Living on behalf of the company’s employees.  The plaintiff filed the action in San Diego, California.  The complaint in the action claims Sunrise violated various California labor code sections.  Among other things, the class action alleges that Sunrise failed to pay its employees the appropriate rate of overtime.

Sunrise Senior Living is headquartered in Virginia, but has locations all over the United States, as well as in Canada and in Europe.  Established in 1981, Sunrise now has over 325 communities.  More than 50 of those communities are located in California.

The senior care powerhouse now must answer to the claims brought in the class action.  These claims include the following allegations:

  1. Sunrise failed to pay its employees proper overtime wages;
  2. Sunrise failed to provide its employees required meal breaks or meal premiums;
  3. Sunrise failed to provide its employees required rest breaks;
  4. Sunrise failed to provide its employees with accurate wage statements;
  5. Sunrise failed to provide its employees with wages on time; and
  6. Sunrise’s conduct constituted an unfair business practice.

The action seeks to recover damages for the plaintiff and for all other former and current non-exempt employees of Sunrise in California.  In addition to monetary damages, the complaint also seeks civil penalties, as well as a court order compelling Sunrise to bring its employment policies into compliance with the strict labor laws in California.

For more information about this California employment class action, please feel free to review the complaint here.

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