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California employees are pursuing class action claims against a cleaning company for missed meal breaks and rest breaks.

In December 2018, a former employee of California Marine Cleaning, Inc. filed a lawsuit against the company, alleging she consistently missed her meal breaks and rest breaks.  The California employment attorneys of Zakay Law Group and the JCL Law Firm filed the complaint with the California Superior Court in San Diego County.  The lawsuit is a class action, where the Plaintiff is seeking to represent not just herself, but all current and former employees of California Marine Cleaning during the last four years.

California Marine Cleaning, Inc. is a commercial / industrial cleaning company.  It provides professional cleaning services for vessels, tank farms, and small tank terminals.  California Marine Cleaning cleans cruise ships and military vessels, among others.

In her December 2018 class action complaint, the Plaintiff alleges that, among other things, California Marine Cleaning failed to provide her and other employees with timely meal breaks.  She further claims that the company did not pay her meal break premiums instead, as required by California labor laws.  The action also contends that California Marine Cleaning failed to provide its employees with rest breaks, and failed to properly pay minimum wages and overtime wages.  As a result, the action claims, the company also failed to pay wages to its employees in a timely matter, in violation of California employment laws.  Finally, the action contends that California Marine Cleaning’s conduct constitutes an unfair business practice.

The lawsuit is seeking monetary damages on behalf of its California employees.  It also seeks civil penalties and a court order compelling the company to bring its practices into compliance with California labor laws.

For more information about this employment class action, please feel free to review the filed complaint here.

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