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Circle K was named on Monday, February 11, 2019, as a Defendant in a class action lawsuit alleging various employment law violations.

The Plaintiff worked for Circle K in California as an assistant manager.  The employment law offices of Zakay Law Group and Blumenthal, Nordrehaug, Bhowmik, and De Blouw represent the Plaintiff.  The action was filed in California in the San Diego Superior Court.  In the Complaint, the Plaintiff claims that Circle K adopted and enforced employment policies that violated California employment laws.   The action seeks to represent not just Plaintiff, but all non-exempt  (hourly) employees who worked for Circle K in California since February of 2015.

In large part, the action claims that Circle K failed to pay Plaintiff and the rest of the class for overtime, and failed to provide these California employees with legal meal breaks and rest breaks.  The complaint, which includes six different causes of action, alleges that Circle K paid Plaintiff non-discretionary incentives, but failed to include those incentives when it paid Plaintiff for overtime and for her missed meal periods.  As a result, the Complaint also claims, the Defendant failed to provide the Plaintiff and other class members with accurate wage statements, and also failed to pay Plaintiff and other former California employees their full wages upon termination.  On top of those employment law claims, the action also contends that Circle K engaged in unfair business practices by shorting its employees the proper pay, thereby creating a competitive advantage over other similar companies in California.

The complaint asks the California Court to award damages for the unpaid overtime wages and missed meal and rest breaks.  Moreover, the complaint also asks the Court to award civil penalties in accordance with the California Labor Code, including waiting time penalties and wage statement penalties.  Finally, the complaint is asking the Court to order Circle K to comply with California labor laws moving forward.

For more information about this legal action, please feel free to review the filed complaint here.

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