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Meal and Rest Breaks were not properly provided in compliance with the California Labor Code, a new lawsuit claims.  The lawsuit was filed as a proposed class action on May 13, 2019 in the Superior Court for the County of Los Angeles in California.  The complaint names Volt Management Corporation as the employer and defendant in the lawsuit.  Volt Management is an international staffing company that provides a variety of services, including staffing and outsourcing solutions.  The Plaintiff worked for Volt Management since April 2017 and was staffed as a security guard working for the video game giant, Activision, at their Santa Monica offices in California.

The lawsuit was filed as a proposed class action, where the Plaintiff is seeking to represent both himself and a group of all current and former hourly employees who worked for Volt Management in the last four years.  The complaint claims various violations of California employment laws.  The action includes claims for missed and improper meal and rest breaks.  It also includes claims for unpaid wages, including overtime wages.  Moreover, the action pleads a claim for failure to reimburse employees for work-related expenses.  Finally, the complaint alleges that these violations resulted in inaccurate pay stubs and pay statements, in late and unpaid wages to terminated employees, and in an overall unfair business practice by Volt Management in violation of the California Business and Professions Code.

In the lawsuit, the Plaintiff is seeking to recover damages for the missed meal and rest breaks.  The complaint is also seeking damages for unpaid wages and non-reimbursed expenses.  Finally, the complaint is seeking monetary penalties for the inaccurate pay stubs and the late payments to terminated employees.

For more information about the lawsuit, a copy of the filed complaint is available here for review.

If you work for a staffing company in California and feel like meal and rest breaks are not being provided to you in accordance with California labor laws, please contact our California employment attorney for a free consultation regarding your legal claims.