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Home Depot was sued last month for employment law violations.  The lawsuit was filed as an employment class action in San Joaquin County in California.  Three different individuals filed the complaint on behalf of themselves and other current and former employees working for Home Depot at a distribution center located in the City of Tracey in California.  The employment attorneys of Zakay Law Group, APC and the JCL Law Firm, APC are representing the Plaintiffs.

The Complaint, which was filed against the Defendant on May 24, 2019, claims various labor law violations.  The main claim in the lawsuit alleges that the Home Depot distribution center failed to provide its California employees with a second meal break when they worked 10 hours or more in one day, as required by California employment laws.  The lawsuit also alleges that the company, from time to time, also failed to pay these employees minimum wages and overtime wages.  Furthermore, the lawsuit claims that, at times, Home Depot deprived these employees of mandatory 10-minute rest breaks.  Finally, the complaint claims that this illegal conduct also constituted an unfair business practice in violation of the California Business and Professions Code.

The Plaintiffs in this lawsuit have worked for Home Depot at its Tracey distribution center since at least 2012 as warehouse associates.  Now, these individuals are seeking monetary damages for the unpaid wages and the unpaid premiums they claim Home Depot owes them due to its unlawful employment policies.  Moreover, these employees are seeking monetary penalties for their claim that Home Depot issued them inaccurate pay statements, and failed to pay them their wages in a timely fashion.  Finally, they are seeking a Court order compelling Home Depot to revise its employment policies to comply with California labor laws.

For more information about the lawsuit, please feel free to review the filed complaint here.

If you work 10 hours or more in one day but only receive one meal break, you may be entitled to compensation.  Please contact the California employment attorney of Zakay Law Group, APC for a free legal consultation.